Introduction to Ceramics Slipcasting, with Lena Dubinsky.
At the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.
Spring 2009.
Task: To design a ceramic object suitable for mealtime use.
The studio:
Integrating into my new Middle Eastern exchange culture, meals became a more communal activity. I took inspiration for my tabletop vessel from this personal family photo of a mealtime gathering.
Form exploration
3-Dimensional form exploration: hand carved foam models.
Preparing the foam model for creation of a plaster mold.
Pouring the plaster mold around the foam model. 
The final mold. 
The final mold poured with liquid slipcast material and set to dry.
Slipcast pieces removed from the mold to dry.
Different glazes applied before firing.
Final fired pieces with different glaze applications.
The final piece serves as a water vessel for any occasion.
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