This bag was designed in response to living in NYC. With the train as main mode of transportation, a bag is always necessary to carry around the necessities. When not taking the train, walking is the next preferred option- but it can get tiring! This bag offers a simple solution: the wooden top acts a seat, with an internal slot on the underside of the top to hold a single wooden leg. Once the leg is inserted into the slot, the bag conceals a one-legged stool system. When you're ready to move on, just pick up the bag and go. 
The bag functions by acting as a one-legged stool. 
The bag takes its shape from the simple brown paper shopping bag.
Form and detail exploration.
Technical drawing.
Quick mock-up to determine measurements.
Late night in the studio constructing the initial prototype.
The final design.
When not in use, the wooden leg can sit freely inside the bag.
The bottom of the bag is constructed of a heavy textured vinyl panel- easy to wipe clean.
Internal wooden slot holds the wooden leg.
The wooden leg fits into the wooden slot hidden on the underside of the wooden top.
Two legs for balance.
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